Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my company needs employee screening?

Whether you are hired or promoted for a job may depend on the information revealed in a background check. Job applicants and existing employees as well as volunteers may be asked to submit to background checks. For some jobs, screening is required by federal or state law. The current emphasis on security and safety has dramatically increased the number of employment background checks conducted.

How do I do a criminal background check?

We strive to make a criminal background check easy and straightforward. See How To Do A Criminal Background Check.

How do I Verify a Social Security Number?

During a background check, the best research tool to check a Social Security Number is a SSN Scan. See,Social Security Number Scan. For more information about Verifying Social Security Numbers before and after a hire, see How to Verify a Social Security Number

Why do background checks?

Backgrounding employees has become a matter of necessity for many reasons. Many applicants make false claims on their job applications/resumes or have been involved in criminal activity which they do not disclose. For more information, see Why Do Background Checks? and Fake Resumes, Fake References, Fake Degrees: Employer Beware!

What is an employment background check?

A Background Check verifies a job candidate’s resume and job application. Independent sources such as criminal and civil court records, prior employers, educational institutions, and departments of motor vehicles are researched. For more information, see What is an Employment Background Check?

What is a criminal background check?

Criminal history files are searched for possible criminal records for an applicant. These criminal record searches are the core of any employment background check. Criminal record checks are the most common of all searches requested from A Matter of Fact. For more information, see Criminal History Background Check

What can be included in a background check?

The basic searches ordered as part of most background checks are County Criminal Record Checks, Employment Verifications, and Education Verifications. Social Security Number Scans are also essential because they allow researchers to identify jurisdictions the applicant purposefully or inadvertently neglected to disclose. For more information about available searches, see What Can Be Included In A Background Check?

What does a typical background check consist of?

The typical Employment Background check consists of a Social Security Number Scan, County Criminal Record Checks, Employment Verifications, and Education Verifications. For more information about a typical Background Check, see What Does a Typical Employment Background Check Consist of?

What is the best background check?

The best background check is a comprehensive background check. A comprehensive background check allows an employer to verify those areas that are important to job performance, would impact the applicant’s job qualifications, or could identify safety issues. For more information, see Comprehensive Background Check: The Best Background Check.

What shows up on a background check?

A Background Check shows the discrepancies between a candidate’s claims and information reported by independent sources such as court records, prior employers, schools, and government agencies. For more information, see What Shows Up On A Background Check For Employment?

Do errors occur in background checks?

Yes! Errors do occur in background checks. The information in a background check is created, compiled, filed, stored, retrieved, and reported by individuals who can make mistakes and computer systems that can fail to operate properly. For more information, see Do Background Check Errors Occur?