Employee’s screening services and employee background checks are very important to maintaining staff authenticity and safety. SLA proprietary employee’s background screening practices reduce the risk associated with industry-wide hiring decisions. With the execution of our employment screening services, we offer you the imminent you require to come across the unfamiliar essentials, swiftly and straightforwardly.

SLA offers employee background checks to organization of the entire shapes as well as sizes. Whether your organization is looking for entrance level employment background screening or a supplementary widespread professional level curriculum, our team will customize a resolution that is right for your hiring course of action, financial statement, and industry.


A candidate inflating their educational achievements is one of the most frequent occurrences found on a candidate’s resume or application. We process education verifications by contacting educational institutions directly to verify degrees or certifications earned. Pricing for education verifications are per degree or educational institution verified. Education verification results are generally returned within 24-72 business hours.


SLA offers residence verification to organization, our team visits and verifies residence as mentioned by the candidate in the document. And the preeminent fixation regarding our service is that, our team works through-out the region of Andhra Pradesh.


SLA’s third party verification service is not only helpful to clients, but may be required by law depending on the transaction. Know the laws for verifying your orders to confirm that a valid customer is really ordering something. Even if it’s not a legal requirement, third party verification services may be a good safeguard for your business orders.

Look for business verification services that fit the size, speed and service needed for your orders. Your business needs a verification service that does not distract or slow the sale of your product. Here are some reasons for your business to use third party verification services:

Third party verification companies offer a recorded or written record of a transaction.
The FCC requires all communication companies to use verification of any sales made over the phone.
Authorization via business verification services is required for any electronic check payments you accept.
Verification helps your business avoid costly chargebacks, complaints or damage to your brand name.
For employment verification, you can protect your business from fraudulent applicants.


SLA offers end-to-end verification and outsourcing meting out solutions to the Insurance sector. Its help Insurance companies discover the precise sum of claim and also, accelerate the process as of SLA’s reach, complex and past proficiency in this area. SLA provides outsourcing solutions for the three foremost types of Insurance – Health, Life and General.

SLA has an extensive network and well-cultivated associations with local bodies like hospitals, doctors and law and order machinery. A team of qualified professionals form a central team which analyses the legal and medical reports of the claimants to ensure correctness and detect any fraud or purposeful falsification.

One of the key risk areas Insurance Companies face globally is the threat of false claims; in case of Insurance, the size if often substantial. SLA’s Life Insurance Verification and Process Outsourcing Solutions Services protect Insurers’ interests by advising them about the correctness of each and every claim. The vertical deploys professional knowledge, screening, IT & analysis and local level network to provide full-proof claims verification service.